Bicycle sharing is a service that makes public bicycles available for shared use to individuals on a short term basis. The WeHo Bike Share program system will expand your mobility options with 150 bicycles strategically distributed around town and available 24/7. You can use them to commute, run errands, visit friends, or just for fun!


The first phase with 150 public bikes at 20 locations, will launch in Summer 2016. The second phase will increase the system to 250 bicycles and 30 stations and will be triggered by demand and City Council approval.


A total of 150 ‘Smart Bikes’ created by Social Bicycles (SoBi) will be distributed at 20 hubs throughout the city. You can expect to find them near transit stops, employment centers, and other major destinations. The WeHo system will also be linked to the Westside Regional Bike Share program, giving you access to over 1,000 bikes. We need your input on where to place them!
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Bike share has proven to be successful in many other U.S. cities and around the world. It complements other forms of public transit, saves you time and money, reduces traffic congestion, strengthens the economy, and keeps you and our planet healthy.

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The Social Bicycles ‘smart-bike’ eliminates expensive dock infrastructure by placing all the technology on the bike. Our bikes are specifically designed for bike sharing, modeled on the step-through Dutch frame for safety, comfort, and ease-of-use. Components are integrated and enclosed to eliminate exposure to the elements and to debris. Bikes can also be locked to any public bike rack, increasing user flexibility and convenience.


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